Terms and conditions of use of the Northern Utah WebSDR:

The Northern Utah WebSDR system is a free-to-use, publically-available resource  that allows remote reception on the HF and select VLF, LF, MF and VHF bands.  The Northern Utah WebSDR is supported entirely by volunteer effort and donations and any commercial or governmental use that might be ocurring is being done serreptitiously and without our consent.  While best efforts are made to keep the system online and available to everyone, there are no warranties expressed or implied, nor shall there be any liabilities related to the use and usability of the Northern Utah WebSDR for any purposes whatsovever.

Use for emergency communications:

During special events, exercises or emergencies, we'll do what we can to accommodate and maintain the system, but we cannot guarantee that the system will be available - and, of course, any incident dependent on the vagaries of HF propagation is subject to the whims of mother nature.  The Internet, being what it is, can also be adversely impacted, depending on the footprint and nature of whatever event might occur.

Remember:  The Northern Utah WebSDR - or any WebSDR - should NEVER be used as the primary or sole resource for life and safety concerns.  In the event that life-critical communcations are undertaken - via this or any WebSDR, or over the air - IMMEDIATELY contact the appropriate first responder agencies.

By using the Northern Utah WebSDR you agree to acknowledge and abide by these conditions.  If you have any questions about these terms and conditions please refer them to the contact information found at the bottom of the About page.