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This WebSDR system doesn't come cheap - there are things like site rental, power, maintenance and upgrades that all cost $$$.

"But I don't have PayPal"
"I just want to donate with a credit card and don't want to set up a PayPal account"

If you don't have a PayPal account - or you just want to use a credit card and donate, perhaps anonymously, you can do this without a PayPal account:  Even if you do have a PayPal account and don't wish to log in, you can donate via a credit card.

To donate via credit card without logging in or without having a PayPal account, follow these steps:

  • Click on the link to the left.  It will take you to PayPal - but don't log in.

  • Enter the amount that you wish to donate.  You won't be able to proceed until you do this.  If you wish to make this a monthly donation, click the box.

  • Click on "Donate with a Debit or Credit Card".

  • You will get to a login screen, but click on "Pay As A Guest" at the bottom.

  • Enter your credit card information.  If you do NOT check the button that says "Save this information for next time." you will not need to set up a PayPal account or login.

  • Click "Donate Now"

  • You are done - Thank you!

If you do have a PayPal account and wish to donate via credit card rather than with your PayPal account, you can still do that - just follow the on-screen instructions

Thank you for your support!

Any monetary donations will be gratefully accepted - and the easiest way to do that is via PayPal using the link below:

With the link above, you can donate using your PayPal account - or you can use your credit card with or without a PayPal account.

You may make a
one time donation - but note that you also have the opportunity, via PayPal, to do an automatic, periodic donation as well.

Please note:

If, for whatever reason you cannot or choose not to make a donation to the Northern Utah WebSDR, you are still welcome to use the system!

If possible, please spread the word of its existence and encourage others to help out.

Non monetary donations”

There are a few things we may be able to use to help support/upgrade the Northern Utah WebSDR – see the “Non Monetary Donations” sections near the bottom of this page.

"I wish to donate via cash, check, etc. because I don't want to have anything to do with PayPal!"

If  you wish to donate, but would rather not use PayPal, you can still donate another way (e.g. check, money order, gold bullion, cash in an envelope...).

"What address goes on the envelope?"

If you wish to donate this way, one option is to send your donation to the "Utah SDR Group" via KA7OEI's mailing address (check QRZ or the FCC database - try this link).  It is suggested that a check/money order be used as that can be tracked by you.  It is also recommended that whatever you send be obscured by folding it in a piece of paper and/or using a "security" envelope that is printed on the inside.

If you have any questions about donating to the Northern Utah WebSDR system - or just questions about the system in general (e.g. operational, technical) please feel free to send an email to and let us know what you have on your mind – Thanks!

Note: Please do NOT send PayPal payments to this email address, but rather use the link above.

The Northern Utah WebSDR is a non-profit IRS 501c(3) organization

The Northern Utah WebSDR has tax exempt status in line with IRS 501c(3) rules
(as the "Utah SDR Group") which could mean that you may be able to take a deduction on what you donate - whether it be $$$ or material:  Refer to your tax consultant for information that may apply in your specific case.  We are not tax experts and are not qualified to give anyone advice.

If you wish to donate in a manner other than one of the methods outlined above, feel free to contact us via our email address: .

Acknowledgments of donations:

Material donations:

We occasionally receive material donations from amateur radio operators – or their successors when those amateurs become “Silent Keys”. According to the wishes of the donors or their families, acknowledgments of some of these gifts are mentioned below:

We would sincerely like to thank the following, in more-or-less chronological order, for their very kind $$$ and material donations:


Larry P.;  Neil K.;  Dan E.;  Dave G.;  Ralph S.;  Peter D.;  Doryl L.;  David H.;  Rudy H.;  Gary E.C.;  Kenneth M.;  Terry T.;  James S.;  Gary C.;  Frank H.;  David M.;  Robert C.;  Ray W.;  Birton G.;  Donald H.;  Nate H.;  Rick W.;  David H.;  Michael A. *;  Dan J.*;  Ron W.;  Fred B.;  Evan D.;  Fred P.;  James O.;  Daniel S.;  Mark M.;  Gary W.;  Michael A.;  Gary E.C.;  David M.;  Birton G.;  Leon C.; Cameron P.;  David H.;  Paul G.;  Dean H.;  Leon C.;  David H.;  Gary C.;   Gary E.C.;   Warren S.;  James S.;  Lyle C.;  Tim T.;  David M.;  Jon S.;  Don K.;  David H.;  Gary E.C.;  James S.;  David M.;  Sidney B.;  Birton G.;  Noel L.;  Ron R.;  Hank B.;  David H.;  Gary E.C.; James S.; Daniel F.;  David M.; 


Jim R.*; Dan J.; Bill G.; Greg S.; Steve S.; Peter D.; David H.; Sam M.; Gary E.C.; Sidney B.; Myron B.; Laurence C.; Doug T.; David H.; David M.; James S.; Mike M. *; Daniel F.; Keith W.; Frank H.; David H.; Carl O.; Gary E.C.; Steven J.; Ray G.; Jed M. *; Ron H. *; Daniel F.; James S.; Lawrence H.; Lyle C.; David M.; Simadan B.; Air Force Flyer’s Club; MJ; Patrick O.; Hollis E.; Ron J.; Tim U.; Robert D.; John W.; Daniel S.; Paul H.; Ron H. *; Jed M. * ; Gary E.C.; Evans R.; Evan D.; Tim T.; Jim B.; Joseph W.; James S.; David M.; Kenneth M.; David H. James S.;  Paul B.G. *; Christine A.; William G.; Dean H.; William G.; David H.; Gary D.; James S.; David M.; Bruce P.; Simadan B.; Eric S.; Richard M.; Gary E.C.; Jeff B.; Daniel S.;  Warren S.;  Michael M.;  Patrick J.;  Frank H.;  Bruce H.;  Glenn W.;  David H.;  Gary E.C.;  Bill D.;  James S.;  David M.;  Jim C.;  David H.;  Rick C;  T. J. L.;  David H.;  Kenneth M.;  Gary E.C.;  Douglas T.;  Tom S.;  James T.;  James S.;  David M.;  Nate H.;  David W.;  Rocco L.;  William L.;  Christine A.;  David H;  Gary E.C.;  James S.;  Dave J.;  Noel L.; David M.;  LineOneInc;  Gary C.;  Frank H.; David H.;  James S.;  Dan S.;  Cris M.;  Robert H.;  Ray G.;  Ryan W.;  Val H.;  Jim C.;  Arthur L.;  Jed M.;  George R.;  Nelson H.;  Leo N.;  David H.;  Gary E.C.;   Nathan H.;  James S.;  David M.;  David H.;  Jed M.;  Birton G.;  Terry C.;  TJL;  Ralph P.;  Tom J.;  Keith W.;  Mark W.;  Robb K.;


Laurence W.; Wayne P.; Robert V.; Allan G.; Gary E.C.; Lawrence H; David T.; Lyle C.; Adrien B.; Ted C.; MCD; Bruce H; James W.; Frank H.; David M.; Daniel K.; Michael R.; Gary L.C.; James S.; Glen R.; Keith G.; Dale C.; Air Force Flyers Club; Richard L.; Ray G.; James B.; Douglas T.; Robert S.; Gary E. C.; Vince B.; Laurence W.; Evan D.; Paul S.; Ron J.; Willis W.; Craig T.; Ralph S.; Vince B.; Gail M.; Gary E. C.; Douglas T.; Jeff H.; William L.; Kirk B.; David M.; Glen R.; Leon C.; Laurence W.; Simadan B.; Nelson H.; Gary E.C.; Daniel S.; Patrick O.; Sid B.; David M.; Kenneth H.; Michael R.; Thomas J.; Ralph D.; Gary E.C.; Scott C.; Robert B.; Mia J.; Allan G.; Bruce P.; Gary E.C.; Doug T.; David M.; Charles S.; Kenneth H.; Kelly T.; Warren S.; Tadeusz P.; Tom S.; Michael L.; David P.; Jeff W.; Keith K.; Ronald R.; Gary E.C.; Gregory G.; David M.; Carl O.; Hugh T.; Gregory R.; Van T.; Kenneth H.; Dean H.; Rocco L.; Cris M.; Frank H.; Remell S.; Mark J.; David H.; Gary E.C.; James C.; Neil K.*; Scott S.; Douglas T.; Tom J.; David M.; Walter N.; Daniel S.


David K.;  Phil H.;  Harold P.;  Mike R. * ; Carl O. # ; Lyle C.; Paul S.; William H.; Ted S.; Loretta S.; Operation Family Fund; David M.; Randy M.; Sidney B.; John C.; Douglas T.; Amy P.; Peter D.; Lawrence H.; Dan S.; John S.; Dean H. # ; Kipton S.; Gary C. # ; Rudy H.; John S.; Ruth B.; Rick B.; Jerrold C.; David S.; Guy M.; David M.; Will H. *; Paul B.G.; Ruben M.; Hans Z.; Gary D.; Ryan S. #; Bret A. #; Randy C.; Gordon L.; Daniel S. #; Timothy P.; Glenn O.; David M.; Pat O.; Francesca F.; Paul B.; Gary L. C.; Mia J.; David D.; James S.; Bud R.; Jess M.; Dunnigan M.; Steve M.; Michael W.; Tom S.; Wayne B. *#; Stephen J. *; Gary E. C. #; Robert B.; Alan C.; David M.; Gary L. C; Patrick J.; Larry K.; Jim B.; Scott C.; Brian M.; David R.; Jerome M.; Bob C.; Vance H. and family; Daniel S. #; Randy M.; David M.; Gary L. C. #; David H.; Tom S. #; Robert S.; Doug T.; Mario V.; Steve B.; David M #; Rafael O.; Gary L. C. #; Simadan B.; Lanny B.; Gary E. C. #; David M.; Paul BG.; Gary E. C. #; Jim C.; Dan A.; Steven D.; Joseph V.; George W.; Jim G.; Richard G.; Michael B.; Mark P.; Dick M.; Frances J.; Aleksey S.; Dan J; Curtis H.; Robert D.; Dan B.; Rich P.; Rod I.; Tom J. *; Keith W.; Robert G.; Gary E. C. #; Gregory R.; J.C.T. *; Allan G.; Anonymous!; Hank B.; Donald A.; Larry W.; Howard M.; Richard L.; Tom S. #; Warren S.#; Les. B; Craig B.; Lee P.; Carl O.#; Laurence C.; David K.; Stanley G.; Ron R.; Dean H.; Mia J.; Tony L.; Gary E. C. #; David M #; Rich Z.; Warren S.#; Daniel S.#; Simadan B.#; Gary E.C. #; Terry C.


Daniel S.;  Gary C. # Marshall P.;  Lyle C.;  Alan, W6ADM;  Ed, AG7D;  James B.;  Douglas W.;  Rick S., K7OW;  Jerry H.,  Robert G.;  Marlon K.;  Paul C.;  David N.;  Don R. (WMR); Kathy J.;  Arkady V.;  Claude M.;  MJI;  David D.;  Jerry K.;  Stephen B.;  Fred D.;  Dean H.;  Ralph S.;  Richard D.;  John M.;  Carl O.;  Daniel S.;  Joel C.;  Bret A. (NoN) #  Terry J.;  Panagiotis T.; James S.;  Terry T.;  Mark S.;  Brian I.;  Stephen K.;  Paul B. G.;  Carl Y.; A. J. H.;  Michael R.;  Kirk B.;  James H.;  Rodney K.;  Lee P.;  Ron J. #;  Michael O.;  Tom, NY4I;  Stephen K. #; Myron B.;  Margaret C.;  Jim R.;  Bruce W.;  Jim K.;  Noji R.;  Ryan S.. #;  Paul L.;  Edwin M.;  Eric H.;  Noel L.;  Greg B.;  Daniel S. #;  David T.;  Howard M.; Floyd H.;  Roland C.;  Nathan G.;  Carl O. #  Richard M.;  Richard W.;  A.C. F.;  Daniel F.;  Donald C.;  Gerard Q.;  Terry S.;  Bob D.;  Raymond H.;  Jess G.;  Malcolm P.; Mark G.; Ralph S.;  Pedro L.;  Leroy O.;  David F.;  Ron J. (in UT);  Gary C. #;  Dunnigan M.;  Edward S.;  Gary C.;  Arthur C.;   Noel L.;  Jerome T.; Vince A.; Daniel S. # ; Paul B #; Gary M.; Robert G.; John M; Dunnigan M.; Wayne B. *; Donald P *; Stanley G. #; Steven S. #; Jerome M. #; Steve S. #; David S.; Brett S.; Leroy O. #; Brett A. # ; Gary L. C. # ; Larry W. # ; Tom S. # ; Lawrence G. ; Mia J. ; Wayne T. ; Bob C.; Rudy S.; Ron R.; Bob R.; Carmine S.; Harris L.; Richard W. * ; Bruce Palmer; M. Inabnit; Richard B.; Daniel S. # ; Mia J.; Richard L.; Gary A; Warren S.; Bill L.; David P.


Ron J.; Bill G. *; Pat O.; Bill L.; Sid B.;  Jim P.;  Robb K., Rick L.,  Rick S., K7OW;  Rick W.;  Steve J.;  James S.;  USAF Flyer's Net *;  Ed C.;  Ron J. #; Daniel S.;  David B.;  Alan M;  William L.;  Dennis D.;  Mason R.;  Gary C. #;   Stanley G.;  Bruce P.;  David K.;  Lee P.;  Lawrence H.;  Bill H.;  Noel L.;  Dale V.; S.R.C DVM;  David J.;  Michael L.;  another Michael L.;  Jon A.;  Jerome T.;  Daniel S.;  Jon K.;  Rich Z.;  Kevin R.;  Kenneth M.;  David C.;  James D.;  Stanley G.;  William L.;  Simadan B.; Austin L.;  Cris M.;  Snell B.;  Lawrence H.;  Don F.;  Gilbert G.;  Thomas U.;  Craig W.;  Tim H.;  Rob W.;  Sidney B.;  Susan N.;  Nathan S.;  Cris M. #  WO7N;  KF7DKM;  KE7TRF;  AD7VF ;N. Lutsey;  Roland C.;  Ted C.;  Eduardo R.

Comments on the above list of donors:

There have been been donors in addition to those above that have asked not to be listed and we thank them for their help!  If you donated and you aren't credited above - and you wish to be acknowledged - please drop a line to the email address, above.

Any amount - large or small - is very much appreciated and it helps keep the system running, not to mention its further enhancements.  

Again, we wish to thank all of those who donated equipment, their time and/or money to make this system possible.

"Isn't this WebSDR supported by one or more ham clubs?"

The quick answer is:  No.  For various reasons (practical, legal, tax, liability, etc.) the Northern Utah WebSDR is its own, stand-alone organization and is NOT associated directly with any other amateur radio club.

Having said, that, many members of the local amateur radio clubs have provided assistance and support in the establishment and continued operation of  the WebSDR system and occasionally, one of them throws some money in our direction as a donation.

Why (have) there been ads on these WebSDRs?


The ads have been disabled for the time-being:  We are in the process of evaluating whether or not we will resume ads in the future - but this section was left to explain why we'd had ads in the past.

A WebSDR is not a natural resource!  To keep this WebSDR online there are some "fixed" expenses that we need to cover:

For the past several years we have been able to provide users an ad-free experience – and we hope that we can keep it that way!

Non-monetary donations:

Here’s an incomplete list of items that we may be able to use to maintain/support the Northern Utah WebSDR:

If you think that you might have one/more of the items above – or other material that you think might be helpful – please contact us at

Additional information:

Go to the Northern Utah WebSDR landing page