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Left:  The trench being dug.  The soil on site is packed hard with roots, but when broken up is very light and dusty so "sanding" the trench wasn't required.
Right:  The trench dug - about 147 feet (47 meters) in length.- with the cables in the process of being laid, and the trench filled back in as we proceeded.
Fortunately, even though cold - it was sunny and calm when we did the majority of the outside work.  The beam is that just left of center while the omni antenna can be seen in the background, near the left edge.  Once the trench was closed we walked along its length, first packing the dirt and pulling more into the slot and then driving over it with a vehicle.
Click on the image for a larger version.
Cable trenching underway!
The now-cabled trench being filled in

Two photos of the new guy wire anchors being installed to replace the deteriorating underground anchors.
Left:  Setting up to drive the pipe into the ground.
Right:  One anchor done - one more to go!
Click on either image for a larger version.
Prepping the pipe for pile driving One anchor done - one more to go

One of the deadman anchors on the tower with the beam having pulled out of the ground a few inches as evidenced by the appearance of metal that had - until recently - been underground.
Click on the image for a larger version.
The tower deaman having pulled out slightly

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