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Scientific Research and the Northern Utah WebSDR:

The Northern Utah WebSDR is uniquely situated in an RF-quiet environment such that one of the side-benefits is the collection of raw data pertaining to the interaction of the Sun and ionosphere - and other aspects of our geophysical environment.  This raw data, which includes noise data related to such interactions and the measurements of signal levels contribute to a large data set that does - and will, in the future - contribute to our understanding of the still-mysterious effects that the Sun and our space environment have on our planet.  These interactions not only include effects on our natural environment, but they can have impact on things like our power grid, telecommunications, and satellite-based navigation.

While we know of some of the uses to which this data is currently being put, today's contributions - and tomorrow's - add to an ever-growing pool of never-before available raw data that may provide insights into the nature of these effects and interactions that we have yet to consider.

What is being recorded today:

Use of existing WSPR and FSW4-W transmissions:  Currently, WSPR and FST4-W transmissions are received and decoded on all amateur bands from 2200 through 10 meters using GPS-stabilized receivers and on a typical day, 25-35% of all WSPR transmitters worldwide are detected at the Northern Utah site.  This data is currently being used to analyze propagation, but work is underway to add information related to Dopper-induced frequency drift and to provide absolute (GPS-locked) frequency measurement capability.

Also recorded is the background noise at WSPR frequencies which may be used to determine the current state of the ionosphere and the energy of natural noise sources (e.g. noise induced by solar activity, lightning, etc.)

Future plans:
We are open to proposals:

If you have a reasoned, well thought-out proposal with a solid scientific basis for observations that you think may be facilitated by the resources available at the Northern Utah WebSDR, please let us know!

Who's behind all of this?

The installation and maintenance of this WebSDR system is a joint effort of amateur radio operators in Northern Utah with many others offering support by donating equipment, their time and money. We are not associated with any particular amateur club and are based around a non-profit IRS 501c(3) organization set up specifically to support the WebSDR.

Contact information:

If you wish to find out how you can contribute to this project, or if you have any questions/comments that weren't answered on the "latest news", "FAQ" or "technical info" pages, you may send an email to the following address:


Alternatively, you can send email/snail-mail to KA7OEI using the information found at QRZ or the FCC database.


If you wish to contact us, please avoid using an email service that has one of those "Please fill in this form to reply" type of SPAM filters.  If you really want a reply, please have the courtesy to allow us to do so without having to fill out a form and supply extra personal information to who knows where, etc. - we weren't planning to sell or give out your email address, anyway!

Additional information:

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