Nothern Utah WebSDR Logo - A skep with a Yagi Possible issues related to the 11 January, 2020 upgrade:

Work-arounds and suggestions

Expect the occasional outage as adjustments are made.  For more information about recent changes, go to the Latest News page.

Do you keep ending up on the landing page or go nowhere when you try to go to one of the Northern Utah WebSDRs or can't bring up a WebSDR?

If you keep ending up on the landing page or can't bring anything up at all, you are probably using an older stored bookmark/shortcut/favorite:  Please use the links below to go to the respective WebSDR and update your bookmark accordingly.

To users of the "Mobile" versions of the Northern Utah WebSDR servers:

The links to the mobile versions have changed and are as follows - please update your bookmarks/favorites:

Find a broken link?

If, after trying the above, you find a link on this page or one of the Northern Utah WebSDRs that doesn't work - or if you suddenly cannot bring up a WebSDR anymore  - let us know via email at

Important note for users of providers/firewalls/ISPs that may limit access to non-standard web page ports:

Some Internet providers (wireless/phone Internet, WiFi hot spots, corporate networks) only allow web page connections using port 80, the standard unencrypted web (HTTP) port, blocking HTTP connections on other ports.  Because WebSDRs do not natively use port 80 it may not be possible to connect via some of these network using standard WebSDR ports.

As a work-around, WebSDR #1 can also be accessed via port 80 using this link - but this is not currently available for WebSDR #2 and WebSDR #3 or for the KiwiSDRs and any attempts will land you on WebSDR #1.   It may be possible to use a VPN service as a work-around if you have port restrictions.

Contact information:

If, after the recent changes, you can't seem to connect to a WebSDR, if you wish to find out how you can contribute to this project, or if you have any questions/comments that weren't answered on the "latest news", "FAQ" or "technical info" pages, you may send an email to the following address:


Alternatively, you can send email/snail-mail to KA7OEI using the information found at QRZ or the FCC database.


If you wish to contact us, please avoid using an email service that has one of those "Please fill in this form to reply" type of SPAM filters.  If you really want a reply, please have the courtesy to allow us to do so without having to fill out a form and supply extra personal information to who knows where, etc. - I wasn't planning to sell or give out your email address, anyway!

Additional information:

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